The Cullotys

The townlands of Currovough North and Gurrane are home to a branch of the Culloty Family of Kerry that has survived and expanded over a verifiable period of almost 220 years, dating from 1799. In that period of time the Culloty name and the Culloty genes have thrived both at home and abroad. Today, we are aware that the Culloty DNA exists proudly in Kerry, in Ireland, in England, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

It’s not that we all look alike-though this can be surprisingly the case- but the reality is that our ancestors are in us all-their lives, their stories, their DNA. It is part of who we are; it is part of who you are, if you are reading this! You are most welcome therefore!

Cead mile failte romhat agus roimh go leir

One hundred thousand welcomes to each and every one of you.

Sunday September 23rd 2018, Ballyroe Heights Hotel, 2:00pm

Tracing Our Ancestors

Background to the plans for a Gathering

Letter Addressed from New Zealand

Jenny Baldwin was born in New Zealand and for 40 years has been piecing together her family ancestors, all of whom were Irish on her mother’s side.  One of her great grandmothers was Catherine Culloty of Currovough, who emigrated to New Zealand in 1883.

In 1978 Jenny and her husband Gwylym from Wales spent some precious honeymoon time in Tralee trying to locate a Culloty premises (pub/shop) at 104 Rock St. Regrettably it no longer existed at that time. The desire to know more and to one day return to Tralee took root that day in Rock Street. The Gathering will now coincide with that return to Tralee on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary.

Culloty Pub/Shop, 104 Rock St.

Sunrise in Gurrane

In November 2017 a deliberate search on Facebook for Cullotys of Gurrane yielded a link to an early morning photograph in the Culloty garden uploaded by Margaret Culloty.

A messenger request for contact and email exchange soon followed. From this humble beginning has come both the trawl through all available data for confirmation of historically accurate facts on family history and the plans for the Culloty Gathering of 2018.

Since then many of you have been incredibly kind and helpful, and most generous in your willingness to share known information on your own families and treasured family photographs. Much has been confirmed and much has been learned and the end result will be spectacular on September 23rd.

Events on the Day of the Gathering
  • Entry of participants will begin at 2:00pm.
    It is vital that all participants-local, national and international-register for the event through this website, so that numbers can be confirmed for organizers and hotel. This first hour will be an hour in which we intermingle, move about at one’s ease, locate family connections, observe displays and photos
  • The largest display will feature the Culloty family trees from earliest times right down to the present day.
    This display will take up almost 20 meters of wall space on one side of the Ballyroe ballroom! It will be so interesting to find ourselves on the chart, and where we are in relation to everyone else. In doing so we will make present our ancestors-the people from whom we came, the people whose DNA lies within us all.
  • An exhibition of old and family photographs will be arranged and displayed.
    We express gratitude to all who have shared these photographs for the occasion. A very wonderful family friend has helped in the restoration of many of these photographs and every family is represented to a greater or lesser extent, as was possible with space and photos received. They are sure to jog memories and will complement the family trees.
  • An historical presentation on our background will take place during the event
  • The Official Opening will take place at 3:00pm.
    Mr Brendan Griffin, TD, Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport will officially welcome all participants to the Culloty Gathering
  • Agreed Culloty descendants will make some short presentations/talks
  • Food will be served at 5:00pm.
    This will consist of a cold meat and salad platter, accompanied by tea and breads
  • Getting to know each other better… to go on indefinitely into the night!!

It will be fascinating to meet so many people with links to the Cullotys-Local, National and International! Imagine the buzz; the excitement on faces; the thrill of meeting new people; the affirmation of relationships between families; the conversations about those who have gone before us and those that are right there in front of us. Just magic!

Any further queries:

Please address all queries about the event to the following email address: